Study groups and Mentors

The mentors team sitting together


We are upper-year students living in residence, who offer academic support to others. We are available every evening to offer mentoring for academic issues. Throughout the year we offer study skills workshops; organize large events to connect you with academic resources on campus; and offer study groups for certain first-year courses.

Each mentor has a specific schedule for individual sessions. Please contact the mentor living in your building to arrange a meeting.

What is a study group?

The Residence Study Group Program is offered as a FREE service to all students living in residence at the University of Ottawa. The goal of the program is to provide study groups in French and in English where students can meet once a week to discuss common first year courses.

​​​​​​​Drop-In Centre

Join us during our drop-in hours in 90U room 151 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. You can ask questions or study quietly.

Mentors and study groups schedule

All study groups will take place in the Residence Resource Centre (90U 151).

Study groups are one hour long.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
15h SOC1501      
15h30 90U 151      
16h SOC1101 ADM1500 | 1700   BIO1140
16h30 90U 151 90U 151   90U 151
17h   ADM1100 | 1300   BIO1540
17h30   90U 151   90U 151
18h ANP1106 ECO1502 MAT1702  
18h30 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151  
19h ANP1506 ECO1102 MAT1302 POL1502
19h30 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151
20h CHM1321 PSY1502 MAT1341 POL1102
20h30 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151
21h CHM1721 PSY1102 MAT1741  
21h30 90U 151 90U 151 90U 151  


Residence Mentor Mentor's email Study group course code Study group day and time Study group location
Rideau Sofiya ADM1100|1300 Tues 17:00-18:00 90U 151
Henderson Natania ANP1106 Mon 18:00-19:00 90U 151
Henderson George BIO1140 Thurs 18:00-19:00 90U 151
Leblanc Benjamin CHM1321 Mon 20:00-21:00 90U 151
Hyman-Soloway Rawnak ECO1102 Tues 19;00-20:00 90U 151
Marchand Thummim MAT1302 Wed 19;00-20:00 90U 151
Thompson Sara MAT1341 Wed 20;00-21:00 90U 151
Annex Shannon POL1102 Thurs 20:00-21:00 90U 151
Thompson Erin PSY1102 Tues 20:00-21:00 90U 151
Stanton Joshua SOC1101 Mon 16:00-17:00 90U 151
90U John      
Friel Lucy TL    
90U Victoria TL    



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