Welcome to Residence

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Welcome to residence! We’re pleased to see you become a member of our great community.

Once you’ve arrived on campus, you’ll want to customize your room to make it your own and turn it into a place you’ll be able to grow in. Take advantage of the first few weeks to meet your neighbours, students who, just like you, are mostly coming from another city and who want to discover everything the campus and the city of Ottawa have to offer.

This is an important time for you and we want you to take full advantage of it!

Living on campus is an incomparable advantage: you have all of the campus’s resources within your reach, on top of the fact that you’re just around the corner from your classes and at the front row of every event in the area. Go Gee-Gees Go!

For your transition to the University to be as smooth as possible and a memorable time for you, the Residence Life team welcomes you with a six-week program. Each week has an essential theme related to student life, such as safety, finances and community involvement. The program will equip you with valuable skills that will help you every day for the rest of your life! You will no doubt have many questions once you arrive, and these six weeks are the best time to ask them.

Throughout the school year, many people will be by your side. Do not hesitate to contact them. They are there to give you advice, support you and answer your questions.

A team of Community Advisors (CAs) will welcome you with open arms once you arrive in residence. This team is composed of upper-year students who are responsible for leading events in the community as well as ensure its safety. They live a few doors down from you and are available whenever you may need help.

In case you need any academic support, Residence Life also has its own team of Mentors who are available to help you. They are great motivators and experts in note-taking and essay writing. Every residence has its own Live-in Mentor. Feel free to knock on their door! Additionally, every mentor also leads study groups for a specific course.

The Residence Life team also includes professional counsellors who are there for you if you face obstacles that seem insurmountable and feel the need to confidentially discuss it with someone. You’ll have privileged access to their resident-exclusive counselling sessions.

This large team forms a family, a family you are now a part of. Get to know them as well as your neighbours to experience an amazing first year!

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