Being a good neighbour

Be friendly to your landlord and neighbours

Maintaining a good relation with your neighbour is important. Wave and say hello when you see your neighbours, stop to say a few words, wish them a good weekend.

Maintaining a good relation with your landlord is equally if not more important. One of the ways to do so is to pay your rent on time. Usually rent is on a per month basis, and is due at the beginning of each month. If the utilities aren’t included in your lease make sure to pay those on time as well. 

Parties and noise

If you plan to have a party, please be respectful of your neighbours and let them know in advance. They may be more tolerant if you don’t surprise them. Limit the number of your guests and keep the party inside after 11 p.m. Don’t forget to plan parking for your friends and clean up afterwards.

During a party be a good host and a good neighbour:

  • Be aware of friends that might wander away with open alcohol into other people’s yards.
  • Avoid bottles that might break.
  • Don’t allow individuals to leave if they are intoxicated as you could be held liable.

By-law exists that prohibit noise created by loud music, parties and rowdy behaviour. Doing so could lead to fines.

Note: The Liquor Licence Act prohibits the consumption of alcohol anywhere other than a residence or a licensed area. Leaving the property with alcohol is illegal.

Garbage and recycling

There’s no reason to put your garbage too early or too late. Make sure to understand the garbage and recycling collection calendar and learn how to dispose of your garbage by going to the City of Ottawa website



Don’t plan on having more vehicle than your have parking spots, parking in the street varies from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and gets more complex in the winter. It is important NOT to block your neighbour’s parking spot or NOT to park on your front lawn.

Taking care of your home

Different rules and bylaws apply to the storing of garbage, shovelling of snow and to your pets. Make sure to learn the ones that apply to your neighbourhood.

Make sure to maintain the lawn regularly, if that is your responsibility.

Note: You shouldn’t have a couch outside, they are a fire hazard and attract pests. 

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