Payment schedule and methods

Payment schedule

8-month Agreement

Hyman Soloway, 45 Mann, Stanton, Thompson, Marchand, LeBlanc, 90U, Friel, Henderson and Rideau

2 installments according to the dates and deadlines :

  1. Fall session
  2. Winter session

The $700 deposit required at the time of reservation will be deducted from the residence fees.

12-month Agreement

45 Mann and Annex

3 installments

  1. Fall session
  2. Winter session
  3. Spring session

The $700 deposit required at the time of reservation will be deducted from the residence fees.

Late payment or penalties

Please consult the student accounts team for late payment and penalties.

Your agreement will not be renewed if, during your stay in residence, there have been two irregularities in your payments. "Irregularities" is defined as returned cheque, late payments and/or outstanding debt.

Payment methods

Reservation deposit

Credit card

The Housing Portal is where you pay your deposit by credit card. (The company issuing your card must have a branch in the United States.)

Other methods of payment

The University of Ottawa accepts other payment methods such as bank transfer, CIBC Student Solution, Western Union, but they take more time to be processed. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Residence fees

Residence fees are posted on your student account. To access your statement of account, log in to uoZone, click the Applications tab, select Student Center and click on Statement of Account


You can pay your residence fees the same way you choose to pay your tuition fees. We recommend that you pay on line or by phone through your financial institution.

View methods of payment for university fees.

Residence fees cannot be paid in cash and credit card is not accepted. Please consult the Student Accounts team for questions about your account.

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