Section D - Library Collections

Library Collections

Number of holdings for the 2010-11 year for each of the following categories: 

MaterialUnitsNumber of Holdings
Monograph Titles - Print Titles:# titles1,455,658
Monograph Titles - Electronic Titles:# titles564,510
Microform units:# units1,930,721
Government Documents (not counted elsewhere):# documents979,197
Manuscripts and Archives (linear metres:# linear metres5,217
Printed Music Scores:# scores49,721
Cartographic Materials:# sheets420,558
Graphic Materials:# materials246,997
Audio Materials:# titles20,893
Film & Video Materials:# materials15,997
Serials - Print & Microform:# titles11,503
Serials - Electronic:# titles72,657

1. Students entering Ontario universities today have access to a growing variety of world-class electronic information resources that are accessible to them 24x7x365. Our libraries are leaders in transforming traditional library services by adopting innovative technological solutions such as ScholarsPortal, a shared gateway to scholarly resources and RACER, a province-wide interlibrary loan service. Through these resources and services our libraries are preparing students for today's world of information. Our libraries also provide a wide array of unique resources, services, and facilities.

Source: Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) Statistics report

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