Section H - Instructional Faculty and Class Size

Instructional Faculty

Number of instructional faculty members (excluding clinicians) for Fall 2012:

 Full-timePart-time (FTE)Total FTEs (est)
Total number of instructional faculty:1,279374.11,643.1
Total number who are women:485179.6664.6
Total number with doctorate, first professional, or other highest level degree:1,1651,165
Undergraduate Class Size by Year Level, 2012
Class Sections1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year
< 30 students11821.915625.037843.639873.3
30-60 students11621.515224.431636.49717.9
61-100 students12222.620633.114216.4387
101-250 students16630.710617.0303.5101.8
251+ students183.330.510.100.0
Class Sub Sections (i.e. lab, tutorial)
< 20 students15528.47933.84848.0960.0
20-40 students30055.08440.44141.0640.0
41+ students9046.54521.61111.000.0

There are a number of one-on-one instruction classes, including independent study and practicums at our institution.

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