Request services

Service standards

General guidelines

Requests that are critical to the proper administration or the image of the University have priority over other jobs.

Unless otherwise indicated, services for official communications are free of charge. However, clients may need to cover the cost of projects over 1 000 words or rush jobs (less than 24 hours).

If you aren't sure whether your project is eligible, or wish to discuss your particular needs or upcoming projects, feel free to contact us at

Options for non-eligible requests

If your request doesn't qualify for our services, we can recommend an external firm or a freelancer. Your unit is then billed directly (see the Market rates section).

Turnaround times

Academic and administrative units are responsible for notifying us well in advance about large projects (reports and publications, lengthy documents, new websites, etc.), especially if the deadline is short. Last-minute requests force us to resort more often to external providers, and this proves very costly for the University.

In general, please allow for at least two working days' turnaround time for each 1,000-word block of translation (or 3,000-word block of editing or 6,000-word block of proofreading). More time may be needed when you also ask that your source (original) text be edited before being translated.

Market rates

Here is a breakdown of current market rates, which can vary according to the requested deadline and the nature of the text:

  • Translation: 24 to 30 cents a word
  • Editing: $55 to $70 an hour
  • Proofreading: $40 to $60 an hour

Use our online request system for all your requests

Click Language Services request system on the right.

Type your login credentials for the uOttawa network in the Windows Security authentication window. If your network is configured to authenticate users automatically, this window will only appear the first time you log in.

A registration window will open the very first time you log in. Enter the information requested, including your sector (Client). Click Create my account. The portal window will then open and you will be able to send requests.

From the left hand menu, click New request and follow the prompts. Attach the documents to be translated in the Source documents section.

If you have just a few sentences to be translated (for example, an email), select the Short Request box. A text box will open in which you can copy the text to be translated without having to create a separate file.

You can attach several documents that are part of one project to the same form.

Online request system functions

To view and update your current requests:

  • Click My requests from the left hand menu.
  • Double click the request number.
  • Click the Documents, Reference documents or Notes tab, as required.


To download documents from a request we’ve already delivered:

  • Click History from the left hand menu.
  • Double click the request number.
  • Click the Documents tab. Your original document will be in the Documents section and the one we delivered to you will be in the Deliverable documents section.

Help us to help you

As a rule, the more information we have, the better we can assist you.

  • In the Details box, give us the important information about your document, including what we should do with it.
  • Provide relevant reference documents in English and French whenever you can.
  • If your request is an altered version of a previous request, indicate the reference number for that request, if you know it. Use Track Changes or highlighting to show us any sections that have been changed.
  • Be sure to submit a finalized version of your document. If you submit a second version afterwards, we will only be able to handle it if we have available staff. Expect delays.
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