"La rentrée"

The French term "rentrée" doesn't have a true, straightforward, one-word equivalent in English.

Of course, most everyone has heard of "back to school" time, used especially for elementary and secondary school pupils. Below are a few rough equivalents adapted to postsecondary studies but not meant as direct translations of "la rentrée." Consider them instead as ways of conveying the idea or message when you translate; that's what matters most.

FrenchEnglish translation
La rentrée est prévue pour le 8 septembre cette annéeStudents head back to class on September 8 this year.
L'Université prévoit encore toute une gamme d'activités sociales pour la rentrée cette annéeThe University is again hosting a full slate of social activities to welcome students back to class (or campus) this fall.
L'Université marque la rentrée comme d'habitude par la tenue de la Semaine u101As usual, the University is ringing in the new academic year with u101 Week.
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