Every second week, starting the 22nd of September 2021, we are reading works of the Ittamatra school or mind only school we start with Asanga, the founder of the school, and his work the Mahayanasamgraha, a compendium of the Mahayana (vol 1, boulder: snow lion, 2018)

For information, please contact Prof. C. Collobert: [email protected]



These sessions are intended to inspire us to continue to learn and practice meditation in a group setting (on Zoom) so that we can slowly train our minds to give us long-lasting happiness. We will explore various methods and discuss the benefits and pitfalls that may happen as we deepen our practice. These sessions are open to all at any time; no registration is needed. Sessions are free; donations welcome. This month they are being held on Feb 13th & 27th

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