Our Vision and Mission

The Academy of Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies (AMCS) at the University of Ottawa is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students who share a common interest in the study and application of mindfulness and contemplation.



Our vision for the academy is to be a place where members of the university community will be able to train in mindfulness and other contemplative practices and to be a central resource from which mindfulness and contemplative methods and practices will be designed, researched, taught, and assessed in the university including university-affiliated hospitals and research institutes. The Academy will serve as a focal point from which educators in the
the practice of mindfulness and in contemplative studies will be able to
share knowledge and expertise and disseminate findings.



The mission of the Academy is to
• Enable and foster collaborative, multidisciplinary, evidence-based research in the area of mindfulness-based practices and contemplative studies including contemplative neurosciences;
• Develop resilience and well-being among students and faculty by teaching mindfulness meditation;
• Organize programs to train health professionals to apply mindfulness meditation in clinical settings;
• Explore the impact of first-person experiential pedagogies on learning outcomes;
• Foster interdisciplinary work between Medicine and the Humanities in the exploration of human consciousness and meaningfulness;
• Integrate contemplative practices in teaching and learning;
• Promote public education about the benefits of mindfulness
and contemplative practices.


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