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Grants Received

Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Project title: Bringing relief to caregivers: The effect of mindfulness training on psychosocial, biological and cognitive function in middle-aged and older adult informal caregivers of person with dementia. Amount received: $749,700. Investigators: Alexandra Fiocco (Principal applicant, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario) Diana Koszycki (Co-applicant, University of Ottawa) and Kristine Newman (Co-applicant, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario) 

Institut du Savoir Montfort. Project title: Development and evaluation of a brief online self-compassion intervention for psychiatric inpatients: A mixed methods pilot study. Amount received: $25,000.  Investigators: Diana Koszycki (Principal applicant, uOttawa) and Co-applicants Jacques Bradwejn (uOttawa), Jean Grenier (Montfort Hospital), Renée Proulx-Lamarche (Montfort Hosptial), Camille Daudelin-Peletier (Montfort Hospital), Celine Delluc (uOttawa), Myriam Veilleux (Montfort Hospital), Maude Cousineau (Montfort Hospital).

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