Mindfulness Meditation Classes at U Ottawa

The Academy periodically offers classes in mindfulness meditation taught by Professors Andre Vellino and Catherine Collobert.

These meditation sessions will introduce you to practices that aim to develop stability, nurture freedom from anxiety and cultivate compassion for self and others.

Stay tuned to this site for further information about classes in 2021.

Buddhist Philosophy Reading Group

Buddhist Philosophy reading group, every second week, starting the 22nd of September 2021

We are reading works of the Cittamātra School or Mind-Only School  (a Buddhist version of idealism)

We start with Asaṅga, the founder of the School, and his work the Mahāyānasaṃgraha, A Compendium of the Mahāyāna (vol 1, Boulder: Snow Lion, 2018).

For information, please contact Prof. C. Collobert: ccollobe@uottawa.ca

Option in Contemplative Studies

Contemplative Studies is the theoretical and applied exploration of contemplative traditions and practices. As an interdisciplinary field, it unites the Humanities, Social Sciences and Health Sciences in the study of the full range of human contemplative experiences. It employs first-person experiential modes of inquiry (including meditation) combined with traditional methods of analysis in the study of states of mind. It seeks to foster empathy, altruism, and creativity with the goal of advancing human flourishing.

The Contemplative Studies programme offers students the unique opportunity to discover the potential, and richness, of the human mind. This will be gained through the practice of meditation (in its different forms) and mindfulness practices, through the mindful use technology and information acquisition, and through the psychological study of positive mental states and human wellbeing. In addition, students will become acquainted with different contemplative and spiritual traditions of the West and Asia through a comparative historical and philosophical overview.    

For more information about course requirements see:


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