Advisory committee

The Advisory Committee of the Ombudsperson consists of eight members, four of whom are appointed by the University and four by the student associations. The Ombudsperson is not a member of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee conducts an annual evaluation of the Ombudsperson. A member of the University community who believes that the Ombudsperson has violated her mandate or Terms of Reference may submit a written complaint, detailing the alleged violation, to the President of the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will investigate the allegation and inform the complainant of the results.


Terms of Reference of the Advisory Committee


Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Paige Booth, Undergraduate Student
  • Joel Westheimer, Professor
  • Zaynab Fellani, Graduate Student
  • Alison Flynn, Professor
  • Khaled Kchouk, Graduate Student
  • Catherine Paquet, Administrative Personnel
  • Caroline Lu, Undergraduate Student
  • Véronic Tardif, Administrative Personnel
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