Advisory committee

The Advisory Committee of the Ombudsperson consists of eight members, four of whom are appointed by the University and four by the student unions. The Ombudsperson is not a member of the Advisory Committee. The Committee provides support to the Ombudsperson in his or her functions with particular attention to ensuring the independent and confidential nature of that function.

In particular, the Committee recommends the budget for the Office of the Ombudsperson and ensures that the Ombudsperson’s report is distributed at large to the University Community. It also acts as selection committee for the position of Ombudsperson and is responsible for evaluating the work of the Ombudsperson.

For more information on the role of the committee, refer to Regulation 127 on the Ombudsperson, section 13.


Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Babacar Faye, Undergraduate Student
  • Joel Westheimer, Professor
  • Natasha Landry, Graduate Student
  • Alison Flynn, Professor
  • Magalie Lefebvre, Graduate Student
  • Catherine Paquet, Administrative Personnel
  • Amina El-Himri, Undergraduate Student
  • Véronic Tardif, Administrative Personnel
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