Recommendations and tools

Annual reports and recommendations

The Ombudsperson must submit an annual report to the Senate, the Board of Governors and the student associations of the University of Ottawa and make the report public via the Ombudsperson's website. The report must detail the activities of the Ombudsperson, including statistics on all complaints received, and make recommendations, as necessary.

Ninth Annuel Report 2018-2019 

Eighth Annual Report 2017-2018 

Seventh Annual Report 2016-2017

Sixth Annual Report 2015-2016

Fifth Annual Report 2014-2015

Fourth Annual Report 2013-2014

Third Annual Report 2012-2013

Second Annual Report 2011-2012

First Annual Report 2010-2011

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Tools and tips for resolving disputes

Tools and tips


How to Make a Complaint


How to Handle Complaints

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