Car Sharing

Car sharing is a great alternative to owning and maintaining a personal vehicle!

The Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office has partnered with VRTUCAR to make car sharing available right on campus.  This venture allows us to offer yet another transportation alternative to our campus community.

What is carsharing?

Car sharing is a service that provides its members with access to a fleet of vehicles on an hourly basis.  Members reserve a vehicle online or by phone, make it to the nearest vehicle and drive off. 

Conveniently,there are two vehicles located right on campus (Lot M at Mann & King Edward and Lot J at King Edward & Osgoode) as well as a number of stations throughout Sandy Hill.

Why car share?
  1. Costs:  
    According to a City of Ottawa report, owning and operating a motor vehicle can cost up to $10,000 annually.  The average vehicle spends more than 95% of the day parked and not used.  When you car share, you only pay for the time you use the vehicle.

  2. Increased mobility: 
    More than 80% of the University of Ottawa population commutes to and from campus either by bus, by bike or on foot.  We applaud and encourage those commuters.  We also recognize that by bringing car sharing onto campus, we are offering yet another option on those days where you may require increased mobility, whether it is for leisure or business.  
  3. Environment: 
    Car sharing helps reduce the amount of space used by vehicles. One car share vehicle can replace up to 20 vehicles!   Studies also show that Car share members also tend to use a vehicle only when they need it, opting for others modes of transportation such as walking or cycling instead of driving, reducing the GHG emissions produced by vehicles. 
How does this service work on campus?

The Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office provides VRTUCAR the parking space for the shared vehicle.  Membership agreements are between the users (you) and VRTUCAR.  For more information on VRTUCAR, visit their Website at

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is 21 years of age or older and has a valid driver’s license of five years may become a member with VRTUCAR. Visit their Website to sign up,

How much does it cost?

VRTUCAR offers a wide variety of prices; they have something to fit everyone’s budget.  For more information on their pricing, visit their Website at

For more information on Car sharing contact:

Sustainable Transportation Office
613-562-5800 X:6523

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