Taxis play an important role when it comes to sustainable transportation. The use of taxis can help diminish the need to own a private automobile, especially if the service is fast and reliable. Using the occasional taxi in conjunction with other sustainable transportation modes is more economical than owning or maintaining a personal vehicle. Taxis are often important back-up options and there are many instances when taking a taxi is beneficial: when carrying large loads for instance.

The Parking and Sustainable Transportation Division encourages the use of taxis and has taken steps to facilitate their use on campus. We have partnered with Blue Line Taxi and Capital Taxi to provide one taxi stand and several taxi pick-up points at various locations across campus. 

Members of the University of Ottawa community may contact any taxi company of their choice. 

Taxi stand (75 Louis-Pasteur)

A taxi stand is an area where taxis form a queue and wait for passengers. They are often seen at airports or hotels.  At the University of Ottawa, we have made special provisions with two of Ottawa’s largest taxi fleets to have permanent parking spaces on the campus. These stands are available for Blue Line and Capital taxis. A taxi stand has been made available at 75 Louis-Pasteur (corner of Louis-Pasteur and Thomas-More). In the event that no taxis are there, contact either Blue Line or Capital Taxi and state that you are at the taxi stand at the University of Ottawa. The nearest taxi will be dispatched immediately. 

Note: From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., the taxi stand is not available. 

Taxi pick-up points

A taxi pick-up point is an area that has been identified as a pick-up location for taxis only. Using any of the taxi pick-up points is quite simple. When calling either Blue Line or Capital Taxi, state that you are at the University of Ottawa and provide them with the pick-up location where you will be. The nearest taxi will be sent to that location; you don't even need to provide the address!

Logo of the taxi stands at uOttawa
Accessible Taxicabs

Both Blue Line and Capital Taxi provide accessible taxicabs. Persons with disabilities are urged to inform the company, when calling, that they will require an accessible taxi. These taxi drivers are trained in assisting people with special mobility requirements. Accessible taxicabs are given dispatch priority.

Bandit Taxis and your safety

The City of Ottawa's Emergency and Protective Services warn residents that using "bandit taxis" may compromise your personal safety. 

Bandit taxis are companies or single vehicles operating a taxi service without a City of Ottawa license. Without legal authorization to operate in the City of Ottawa, there is no restitution if you are overcharged or receive poor service, nor is there any guarantee of vehicle insurance. Also, drivers are not screened for prior criminal activity.

The University of Ottawa encourages everyone in the City of Ottawa to only use legally registered taxi services. When using a legal taxi service, the dispatch work is recorded and the vehicle is traceable. In addition, licensed taxis have debit/credit card machines for customer convenience and in-car security cameras to protect drivers and passengers.

How to recognize a City of Ottawa licensed taxicab

  • Well-lit taxi sign located on the top of the car;
  • City of Ottawa license plate located at the rear bumper;
  • Identification number – inside and outside the cab;
  • Tariff card listing fees located inside the car;
  • Photo identification of the driver located inside the car bearing the City of Ottawa logo.

City of Ottawa legally registered taxi services

  • Blue Line Taxi Co. Ltd., 613-238-1111
  • Capital Taxi, 613-744-3333
  • Caddy Cab, 613-260-8585
  • DJ's Taxi, 613-829-9900
  • De Ville Taxi, 613-841-6090
  • Julian Taxi Cab Ltd., 613-727-0167
  • Metro City Service Taxi & Limousine, 613-744-8051
  • West-Way Taxi, 613-727-0101
Taxi account services for students

Students or their family members may open taxi accounts directly with Blue Line or Capital Taxis. The account holder will receive a single monthly statement showing all taxi trips taken by the student for a clear record of your taxi transportation costs. To open an account, which will be secured by an automatic withdrawal from a credit card.

For more information contact:

Sustainable Transportation Office
613-562-5800 X:6523

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