Carpool Perks

Returning January 2022

Please note that Carpool Perks are only available to members of Carpool Groups that are registered with the Parking and Sustainable Transportation office. Individual Members are eligible to receive Perks one month after they have been registered.

To claim reimbursement for a Carpool Perk, please complete this form and return it to the Sustainable Transportation office by internal mail, fax (613-562-5110) or email (

Emergency Ride Home Program

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program can help set your mind at ease if you are worried that joining a carpool group will reduce your flexibility in case of an emergency. ERH will reimburse you for taxi and/or Uber fare* if you or a family member become ill, if you have to work emergency overtime, or if your driver for the day has an emergency of their own and has to leave early. [MORE INFO]

*ERH will reimburse up to $50 per occasion, as many as four times per year per Member of a Carpool Group.

Preferential Parking

Registered Carpool Groups get a parking space reserved for their Group’s use on weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm in the parking lot for which they have a permit. A valid Carpool Permit must be clearly displayed in order to use the space, and unauthorized use of the space will result in an infraction notice. If someone else is using your reserved space, call the Parking office (613-562-5785) and we will attempt to contact the car’s owner to have it moved. [MORE INFO]

Carpool Parking Rebate

As a reward for carpooling, registered Carpool Groups will be reimbursed each May for up to one month’s cost of their parking permit for the previous year. If your group registers later than May of a given year, your reimbursement will be prorated from your starting month up to the following April. Reimbursements will be made by direct deposit to the Carpool Captain’s bank account registered with uOttawa (as with payroll). Deadline to register as a Carpool Group and receive that year’s rebate is February 1. [MORE INFO]

Occasional Day Permit Reimbursement

For Carpool Group members who occasionally need to drive to Campus separately from their Group, PSTD will reimburse the cost of parking in , Brooks or  Mann garages (up to $17 per occasion). Each Carpool Group Member can claim up to two reimbursements per academic session. To claim a reimbursement, simply fill out a Carpool Perks claim form and send it along with original proof of payment to the Parking and Sustainable Transportation office. Reimbursement will be made by direct deposit. [MORE INFO] 

Priority Transfer Requests

Carpool Groups that wish to transfer to a different parking lot or garage will be placed at the top of the transfer list for their choice of parking location. When space becomes available in the desired location, Carpool Groups on the list will get first priority. [MORE INFO]

For more information:

Sustainable Transportation Office
613-562-5800 X:6523

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