Bike parking

Cycling is one of the best ways to commute to and from the University of Ottawa. The University provides several bicycle racks throughout the campus; these racks are available to anyone who wishes to use them. The Parking and Sustainable Transportation division also offers two secure bicycle parking facilities at Montpetit Hall and Desmarais Garage for all students, staff and faculty members.

There are approximately 170 bicycle racks across the campus. Most bicycle racks are located so your bicycle is protected from inclement weather. For your convenience, we've prepared a map with the location of bicycle parking areas.

You can find uOttawa's bicycle parking policy here.

How can I access the secured bicycle parking facilities?

Important: secure bike enclosures are for short-term parking only. Bikes left for longer than 7 days may be removed according to the University's policy. For residents of uO Housing Services, please see here for long-term storage options.

If you wish to use the bicycle parking facilities:

  • Complete the Secure Bicycle Parking Application Form online
  • Ensure that all required fields are properly filled
  • The Parking office will send you the terms and conditions agreement by email
  • Please read the terms and conditions closely
  • You must then reply to the email acknowledging acceptance of the terms and conditions
  • Allow up to two business days for activation.

All users must abide and adhere to the terms and conditions for using the facilities.

Access period

The facilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Access permits cost $30 flat fee and are valid from the date of purchase until April of the following calendar year. The fee cannot be prorated.

How to use the secure bike parking facilities?

Using the facilities is quite easy:

  • Swipe your access card at the main gate to enter.
  • Lock your bike.
  • Swipe your access card again to exit.

Users are reminded to lock their bikes with a quality U-Lock as well as a cable lock. Visit our webpage for information on properly locking a bike and how to prevent bike theft. All property secured within the facility is left at the owner’s risk. It is important to secure your bicycle properly and not to let unauthorized individuals into the facilities.

All users must:
  • Respect the rights of other users,
  • Not claim or attempt to claim any particular bicycle parking location for their sole use,
  • Not remove/move or interfere with another user's bicycle,
  • Not damage or vandalize any part of the facilities,
  • Not give any non-user access to the facilities,
  • Not prop or hold the entrance or emergency gate open,
  • Not repair bicycles inside the facilities,
  • Not block the emergency exit and
  • Not lock their bicycle to anything but a bicycle rack.
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