FAQ - Students

How can I buy a permit?

Parking permits can be purchased online, either monthly or for a full academic session.  Parking lot assignments will be offered based on space availability.

How can I pay for daily/visitor parking?

Daily parking is available in various lots and garages using the HotSpot app or the Pay & Display machines on-site. Most locations have both options available, but some parking lots are for permit-holders only and all non-permit parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

HotSpot allows for greater convenience (including multiple payment methods and remotely topping up the meter) and the ability to reclaim unused time on the meter. We highly recommend that you download the HotSpot app and create your account in advance so that it’s all set up when you need to pay for parking. More information can be found on our website.

Even without the HotSpot app, users with Apple Pay or Google Pay on their phone can tap their device on “tap to pay” signs available in many parking facilities to pay for parking (with no remote top-up option). With a HotSpot account you can set up an e-wallet in the app to enjoy all features. A monthly subscription is not required, but depending on how often you will be parking on campus it may be a more economical option.

Please note that Pay & Display requires a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) and we do not accept cash for parking.

How much does daily/visitor parking cost?

Please visit our website for current visitor parking prices.

How much do permits cost?

Permit prices will return to normal starting on April 1st , 2022.  Please refer to our website for pricing.

Can parking permits be shared among different drivers?

Multiple users may share a permit, but only one can park on campus at any time. Every car that will share the permit must have plates registered on the permit. The purchaser of the shared permit is ultimately responsible for managing the use of the permit regardless of whose vehicles are registered.

Using more than one copy of a permit on campus at the same time could result in fines and loss of parking privileges.

Can I use my permit to park in a different lot?

Although you’ll be assigned a specific lot with your permit, you can use it in any other uOttawa parking lot after 4 pm and on the weekend, with the exception of on-street parking (daily rates only, no permits) and the lot beside 100 Marie-Curie.


FAQ - Employees

I’ve never had a parking permit. How can I get one?

To find out which parking lots have permits available, apply online, email the parking office or call the parking office.

Once you have a permit, you can request a transfer from your assigned location.  When a space becomes available, we offer it to the next person on the list.

The only exception is for registered carpool groups, who start at the top of the waiting list as one of our Carpool Perks. Learn more about registering your group.

How can I cancel my multiyear permit?

Return your permit to the parking office, either in person or by mail. Until you do so, the permit will still be considered active and we will charge you the monthly fee through payroll deduction, with no possibility of a refund.  

How do I temporarily suspend my multiyear permit?

You can suspend your multiyear permit for a minimum of three months. Email us your request (including your expected return date). You’ll need to return your permit to the parking office for the duration of the suspension before we grant your request. 

Can I share a multiyear permit?

Yes. Just log into your account and print a copy of your multiyear permit. Make sure you carefully coordinate with the people you’re sharing with — you can only use one copy of the permit at a time. Otherwise, you’ll get an infraction notice for all vehicles using the same permit number at once. We take this very seriously.

I’m only here X days a week. Do I need to pay for a full monthly permit?

We offer both monthly permits and daily/visitor parking rates. See our permit information and visitor and daily parking information, to decide which option best suits you. Keep in mind that some parking lots are for permit-holders only and that daily parking availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I still carpool?

In 2022, we’ll be re-launching our Carpool Perks program for registered carpool groups, as well as the uOttawa carpool ride matching site. Carpool Perks include our emergency ride home program, occasional daily permits and a free month of parking each year.

Learn more about registering your carpool group.

Can I use my permit in a different parking lot?

Although you’ll be assigned a specific lot with your permit, you can use it in any other uOttawa parking lot after 4 p.m. and on weekends. The only exceptions are on-street parking (daily rates only, no permits) and the lot beside 100 Marie Curie.

What if I have an accessible parking permit from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation?

We offer special permits that allow you to park in spots marked with the accessible parking pictogram. Bring your Ministry of Transportation accessible parking permit to the parking office when you apply for and pick up your University of Ottawa permit in person.

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