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uOttawa Parking FAQ – Fall 2021

Q: How will parking on Campus work for the 2021 Fall Session?

A: Paid parking (both daily/visitor rates and monthly/semi-monthly permits) will remain in effect in all parking facilities, and uOttawa parking rules will continue to be enforced.

Q: How can I pay for daily/visitor parking?

A: Daily parking is available in various lots and garages using the HotSpot app or the Pay & Display machines on-site. Most locations have both options available.

HotSpot allows for greater convenience (including multiple payment methods, remotely topping up the meter) and the ability to reclaim unused time on meter. Please download the HotSpot app in advance. More information can be found on our website.

HotSpot users can tap their device on “tap to pay” signs available in many parking facilities (with no remote top-up option), or set up an e-wallet in the app to enjoy all features

Pay & Display requires a credit card.

There is no cash payment option.

Q: How much does visitor/daily parking cost?

Daily parking rates can be found on the Parking and Sustainable Transportation website.

Q: How can I buy a permit?

A: Parking permits are available for purchase monthly and semi-monthly (i.e. first or second half of month). Permits can be purchased by credit card online, or in-person by debit or credit card (by appointment only). Cash payments will not be accepted.

Permits are available for purchase starting five business days before the beginning of month/half month. Permits must be printed by the permit-holder and displayed on the dashboard

Q: How much do permits cost?

A: Permit prices will temporarily remain at the COVID rate for the 2021 Fall Session. While COVID rates apply, permits are not facility-specific, and all parking facilities are first come, first served. Prices shown do not include HST, and may return to non-discounted rates for the Winter Session.

  • Main Campus: $101.05 /month
  • 200 Lees, RGN and Alta Vista Campuses: $77.45 /month

Q: Can parking permits be shared among different drivers?

Multiple users may share a permit, but only one can park on campus at any time. Every car that will share the permit must have plates registered on the permit at the time of purchase. The purchaser of the shared permit is ultimately responsible for managing the use of the permit regardless of who else is registered. Improper use of a shared permit could result in fines and loss of parking privileges

Q: Is there a discount for carpoolers?

A: uOttawa’s carpooling program remains suspended due to COVID-19. Carpool permits are not currently being issued and the Carpool Perks program is not available at this time.


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