Appeal a Ticket

Warning and parking infraction notices

The University of Ottawa is a private property and is therefore responsible for the supervision of all campus parking lots and garages. The patrol officers of both the parking and security divisions of Protection Services are in charge of establishing regulations and ensuring that they are respected.

All patrol officers are deputized by the City of Ottawa and have the authority to issue City of Ottawa parking infraction notices on the University of Ottawa property. All infractions to University of Ottawa parking and traffic regulations are qualified as «Unauthorized parking – Private property».

Parking infraction notices

Parking infraction notices are issued by the Protection Services patrol officers when there is a violation to the University of Ottawa Parking and Traffic regulations. The University of Ottawa has implemented its own appeal process. Because these notices are issued on University property, you may appeal your infraction notice. Parking infraction notices not cancelled by the University after appeals are sent to the City of Ottawa.

Unauthorized parking - Private property (includes expired meters)


Park in a designated fire route


Park in an accessible parking space, no permit


Dispute a parking infraction notice (appeal)

* Please note that parking infractions for “Parking in a designated fire route or in a space reserved for persons with a disability” cannot be appealed through the University. They must be appealed directly with the City of Ottawa.

You may appeal an “Unauthorized Parking - Private Property” parking infraction notice in writing at the Parking, Traffic and Sustainable Transportation Office, within 15 days of the violation.

You may appeal online ONLY.

Pay a parking infraction notice

All City of Ottawa parking infraction notices issued by the Protection Services patrol officers patrolling the University of Ottawa parking grounds must be paid according to City of Ottawa procedures or at one of their authorized locations or see back of infraction ticket.

Consequences associated to multiple parking infraction notices

Parking at the University of Ottawa is a privilege. It is your responsibility to abide by the regulations established by the University. Multiple infractions of University of Ottawa regulations will result in the loss of parking privileges on University property as well as towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

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