P2P project update: another batch of initiatives underway

Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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In April, we announced the launch of two initiatives. Three more are now underway and will be ready to go on May 31, 2021. Detailed emails about each of these initiatives will be sent to all those affected by these changes during the week of May 24.

What we have in store this month

The first initiative simplifies reception of low-risk SciQuest purchases. In future, faculties and services will move away from three-way matches (PO-invoice-receipt) to two-way matches (PO-invoice) for SciQuest catalogue purchases under $5,000. The idea is to reduce the administrative burden of transactions that are rarely problematic (or whose issues are easily solved).

The second initiative gives buyers better visibility to pre-approved vendors (also known as Vendor of Record or VOR). By gaining visibility to campus-wide contracts, designated buyers will better understand their purchasing options and save time by purchasing from pre-approved vendors instead of starting a procurement process from scratch.

The third initiative relates to other types of requests available through the Accounting service portal. This form, called Other requests, will become the new way to submit the following requests:

  • Accounts payable
    • Cheque cancellation
    • Invoice approval for over $5,000
    • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) – Operations, ancillary and capital
    • Opening or closing a Fund, ORG or Account – Operations, ancillary and capital
  • Accounts receivable
    • Notification of, or search for, direct deposit
    • Banking information for direct deposits (to be provided by Accounting)
    • Deposit (debit card or credit card)
  • Other requests or questions

About the virtual PCard initiative

The goal of this initiative was to pilot the implementation of a virtual PCard at the University of Ottawa. Virtual PCards remove the need for some physical cards and help prevent fraud by generating a new number for each transaction. After a thorough study and impact assessment, we have decided to postpone the pilot because the products currently on the market do not meet uOttawa’s needs. While they help reduce fraud, they also generate additional administrative burden. Consequently, we have decided to let the virtual PCard market mature until there are more pros than cons.

For more information

Learn more about the Procurement-to-Pay Reengineering project and follow its progress. This project is part of the Administrative Services Modernization Program.

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