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Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Mozaic of change agent during a Teams call


The Change Agent Network, a component of the Administrative Services Modernization Program, was launched on January 20, 2021. Nearly 60 agents agreed to play an important role in reaching the Program’s goals and in improving the University’s financial and human resources services. Those present at the launch discovered, or rediscovered, the goals of the Program and learned more about their role and their professional development. This introductory event also gave the change agents a chance to highlight their common goal: the desire to bring about change to shape the future.

Who are the change agents and what do they do?

Change agents are dedicated employees who represent our community and act as ambassadors for the Program. They are committed to creating a better experience for all members of the uOttawa community, students and staff alike. Their role will include participating in monthly meetings to get updates on the Program and to communicate these updates to you while listening to your comments at each stage in the transformation. In order for an organization to change, the members that drive the organization must change. Hence, senior managers see these change agents as genuine catalysts whose efforts will allow the Program to exceed its goals.

Watch for the upcoming edition of our newsletter, At a Glance, to learn who these change agents are.


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