Financial and human resources data

This project aims to set up a more precise and complete data structure, clean up data, improve data quality and prepare for data conversion to the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Project purpose

The project aims to set up a more precise and complete data structure, clean up data, improve data quality and prepare for data conversion to the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The development of the new data structure will be done by taking into account the needs at the University, but also by setting up the bases for:

  • Ensuring sound data management (roles, responsibilities, rules and processes to manage data);
  • Improving data quality;
  • Addressing questions related to security and confidentiality of this data.


This project specifically seeks to:

  • Establish a diagnosis of the University's financial and HR data
  • Identify the needs related to financial and HR data of members of the university community
  • Develop a vision for the future data structure
  • Build the financial and HR data structure that will be used in the new ERP
  • Clean existing data and collect/complete missing data
  • Transform, convert and migrate the data
  • Apply the rules, standards, policies and processes to ensure sound data management, security and quality
  • Develop a glossary of business data for the University

Project phases

Analysis of the legacy data environment
  • Existing data structures and content assessment
  • Data profiling


Determination of the data requirements
  • Gap-analysis
  • Data migration strategy and plan
Design of the future state
  • Target data architecture design
  • Data standards and definitions development
Migration of data
  • Data cleansing
  • Data transformation, conversion and migration

Committees and groups involved

Project Steering Committee
  • France Boucher
    Director, Research, Trust and Endowment
    Financial Resources
  • Terry Campbell
    Executive Director, Research Operations and Strategies
    Research Management Services
  • Celeste Dubeau​​​​​​​
    Director, Information Management​
  • Renée Guenette
    Director, Financial Accounting​
    Financial Resources
  • Blair Jackson
    Director, Institutional Research and Planning​
    Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost
  • Marc Lafleur
    Director, Total Compensation and Employee Services
    Human Resources
  • Colleen MacEachen​​​​​​​
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Faculty of Law, Common Law Section
  • Alain Roy
    Deputy Chief Information Officer
    Information Technology
Project Team
  • Jacqueline Bakang
    Senior Project Manager, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • Vincent Gauthier
    Senior Financial Analyst, General Administration
  • Julie Lajoie
    Business Intelligence Manager
    Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost
  • Xin Liu
    Senior Strategic Research Data Analyst, Research Management Services
  • Diane Marier
    Manager, Payroll and HRinfo
    Human Resources
  • Paul Mercier
    Information Technology Manager
    Information Technology
  • Alain Sauvé
    Manager, Accounting​
    Financial Resources
  • Nizar Ben Sedrine
    Associate Director, Research, Trust and Endowment​
    Financial Resources
  • Niranjan Rajaghatta
    Data Architect
  • Program Resources
    Josée Maisonneuve, Cecilia Geldrez, Suzanne Arcand, Katia Larrivée, Jean Loubert
  • TBD
    Faculty Relations​
  • Subject Matter Experts
    As required

Additional information

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