The project is part of the Administrative Services Modernization Program.

It aims to review and improve the processes related to recruitment.

Project purpose

In 2019, consultations on our financial functions, regarding human resources and procurement, highlighted the need to review and improve the University's administrative processes. In this sense, the Administrative Services Modernization Program was born. It oversees several projects including that of recruitment.

The current state of recruitment is seen as a transactional process with limited strategic direction that does not meet all of the needs of the hiring staff. The often complex rules, the duration and the inconsistency in the administration of the process as well as the inconsistency in the practices can have a negative impact on operations and ultimately lead to a negative experience for the candidate.


The Recruitment project aims to review and improve the recruitment processes for academic and administrative positions by focusing on the:

  • recruiting staff needs;
  • candidates' experience;
  • operating model;
  • Human Resources roles and responsibilities;
  • workforce attraction;
  • standardization and automation of processes while maintaining agility.


Project Rollout

The Recruitment project development includes the stages of initiation, planning, execution and closing.

Lay the foundation

The project planning process involves, among other things, the preparation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This step consists of breaking down the scope of the project into smaller components. For the Recruitment project, the following components have been identified:

  • Candidate Experience
  • Talent Attraction
  • Hiring manager experience
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Processes and system

The elaboration of this structure will allow the working group to paint a complete picture of the project and identify the dependencies and interdependencies between the components that will be carried out in parallel throughout the execution of the project.

To achieve this, the project team has brought together experts who will participate in the progress of these activities for the duration of the project, which will go on until January 2021. These experts will help us understand the current processes used at the University in addition to representing the specific nature of certain stages in the processes of their faculty or service.

Committees and groups involved

Project sponsors
  • Karina Adams
    Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Jules Carrière
    Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations
Project Steering Committee
  • Carl Bélanger
    Senior Adviser, Labour Relations
    Faculty Relations
  • Vicky Boulerice
    Project Manager, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • Manon Dugal
    Senior Director and Strategic Initiatives
    Human Resources
  • Mylène Lepage
    Human Resources Manager
  • Alexandre Messager
    Human Resources Manager
    Faculty of Medecine
  • Nada Nagy
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Gaby St-Pierre
    Co-op and Careers
Project team

Core Team:

  • Vicky Boulerice
    Project Manager, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • Salim Manseur
    Project manager, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • Darlene Avelar
    Business Analyst, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • André Lanthier
    Controller and Program Advisor, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources
  • Isabelle Larivée
    Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Administrative Services Modernization Program
    Financial Resources

Academic Processes

Administrative Processes

  • Louise Desjardins
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Telfer School of Management
  • Trixi Magyar
    Senior Advisor, Academic Labour Relations
    Faculty Relations
  • Sylvie Desrochers
    Human Resources Manager
    Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Line Roy
    Assistant to the Dean, Academic Human Resources
    Faculty of Engineering
  • Valérie Bourbonnais
    Assistant Director, Strategic Services
    Research Management Services
  • Édith Legault
    Executive Assistant to the Dean
    Faculty of Science, Faculty of Science General Admin.
  • Kelly Ryan
    Human Resources Assistant
    University of Ottawa Library
  • Audrey Patry-Moncion
    Executive Assistant and Dean's Office Coordinator
    Faculty of Arts
  • Jennifer Edwards de Becerril
    Senior Advisor, Talent Acquisition
    Human Resources
  • Chantal Thibault
    Specialist, Talent Acquisition
    Human Resources
  • Marilyne Whitty
    Manager, Talent Acquisition
    Human Resources
  • Mélissa Lamoureux
    HR Business Partner
    Human Resources









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