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The University of Ottawa welcomes comments on the President’s blog posts. Comments must relate to posts’ subject matter and be respectful.

1. Third party comment system

The University uses Disqus, a comment system platform provider, to enable you to submit comments to this blog. By submitting a comment, you agree to the third party comment system provider’s rules, terms of service and privacy policy.

To post a comment, you can create an account with Disqus by providing your name, email address and a password. You can also post by logging into an existing Disqus account, if you have one. Your comment and username will be displayed to the public. Finally, you can post your comment as a guest. If you do so, you will still have to provide your name and email address to Disqus and your comment will be posted without your name.

2. Privacy notice

You do not need to provide any personal identifiable information to read the blog.

See Disqus’ privacy policy, which covers its collection, use and disclosure of information, as well as security measures for safeguarding the information it maintains. Your personal information is subject to rules and laws in addition to those that govern the University, in a jurisdiction outside of Canada. The University shares and maintains the blog and the comments to create a publicly-accessible record. Do not include personal information about yourself or others, such as phone numbers, or home or email addresses, in the body of your comments. The University cannot control the conduct of third parties who view its publicly accessible website and is not responsible for any personal information that appears in your comments and is used by third parties.

The University’s Policy 90 on Access to Information and Protection of Privacy applies to the information that you provide when submitting comments to this blog. This personal information, such as your name and email, is collected by the University under the authority of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965 and is used by the University to administer this blog and comments, to engage with our community and for similar purposes. If you have questions regarding the collection of personal information by the University, email the Communications Directorate at

3. No endorsement of comments

Comments submitted to this blog do not reflect the opinions and position of the University of Ottawa or its employees. The appearance of external links or any other third party content does not mean that the University or its employees endorse it.

4. Comment content guidelines

Comments relate to the topic of the blog post. The University reserves the right not to publish comments or to delete comments that:

  • are obscene, abusive, hateful, contain profanity or defame anyone or any organization
  • are attacks made on the basis of an individual’s race, religion, gender, nationality, sexuality or other personal characteristic
  • threaten the University, the safety of its members or any other organization
  • are spam
  • are off-topic
  • are repetitive, copied and pasted by a single or multiple users
  • advocate or threaten illegal activity or the commission of a crime
  • promote particular services, products and organizations
  • are announcements of marketing, advocacy or political nature
  • infringe on copyrights or trademarks
  • are messages whose author is not the sender or that have been sent by an anonymous user or automated account
  • are sent in all caps
  • use personally identifiable contact information
  • are misleading, false, of a highly questionable nature or otherwise unverifiable
  • are in a language other than French or English
  • do not add to the normal flow of debate

5. Moderating and monitoring

The comment section of this blog will be monitored during regular business hours.

The University does not have to accept, publish or use the comments you submit. However, by submitting your comment, you grant to the University of Ottawa and its third party comment system provider the non-exclusive worldwide right to publish and use your comments royalty-free, in perpetuity.

The University has the right, but not the obligation, to screen any comment that does not comply with this notice or any other University policy or any applicable law or industry standard. You should not assume that all comments have been screened, reviewed, monitored or approved by the University. Comments may be screened before publication, after publication or in response to concerns. The length of time it takes for a comment to be screened will depend on the third party comment system provider and the volume of comments received. The University cannot reply to every comment posted.

The University will not edit comments to remove objectionable content. You are responsible for ensuring that your comment complies with this notice and with the third party comment system provider’s content requirements.

You are responsible for what you write and submit to this blog, including but not limited to breach of confidentiality or copyright, libel, or obscene, defamatory, seditious or other actionable statement you may make in your comment.

While we try to ensure the accuracy of the content, the University cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness or reliability of the blog or of any comments.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, email the Communications Directorate.

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