Imagine 2030

An innovative strategic planning exercise.

To achieve their dreams and aspirations, people and organizations need to plan and map out the road to their future. With this in mind, the University of Ottawa is launching an innovative strategic planning exercise – Imagine 2030 – that will help define the long-term future of the university.

Throughout the strategic planning exercise, we will call on the creativity of the university community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and key stakeholders – to participate in co-creating a new vision for our future.

Under the leadership of David Graham, Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs, Imagine 2030 will proceed through several phases with a goal of presenting the Board of Governors with a new Strategic Plan in May 2019.

Via this website, social media, and innovative face-to-face meetings and events, we will be looking for maximum engagement and input. We will be looking for bold and creative ideas and suggestions about the best path forward.


The Planning Phases

Phase One
Validation of key aspirations
November - December 2018
Phase Two
Ideation - Co-creation
January - March 2019
Phase Three
Data Analysis
January - March 2019
Phase Four
Strategic Framework Development
April - May 2019
Phase Five
Finalization and Approval of the Strategic Framework
May - June 2019

Phase Two
Ideation - Co-creation
January - March 2019

During Phase 1, we agreed on who we are at our very core. During Phase 2, we will imagine how our core aspirations will come to life. Will we focus on tradition or innovation? Knowledge or skills? Right brain or left brain? Online or on campus? Social impact or business impact? Teaching or learning?

To answer these questions, we will actively engage the community in a dialogue about the future of uOttawa. In other words, we will ask you to mind our own business by sharing your input and your big ideas on what our collective future should look like.

During a series of interactive events (workshops, deep dives, pop-ups, town halls, etc.) and collaborative online discussions, we will go deep and wide to explore potential futures, and then pick them apart and piece them back together. We will challenge ourselves to live up to our aspiration of defying the conventional.

Take part in Imagine 2030 through our online platform.

We encourage you to discuss what matters most to you by planning your own Imagine 2030 meet-up event (pdf, 297.83 KB) in your service or faculty. For example, you can focus on the work environment, the student experience, the uOttawa experience of the future, or any other topic important to you.

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