Validation of key aspirations

Laying the foundation for Imagine 2030.

Getting Started

Phase One
Validation of key aspirations
November - December 2018

During Phase 1, we collectively laid the foundation for Imagine 2030.

The uOttawa community was asked to examine and help shape a set of foundational aspirations that would guide the remainder of the process. “Do you agree that these are the essential core aspirations? Do they express the key aspirations and the mission of the University? What have we overlooked, if anything? Can they be expressed better?”

In response to your feedback, we revised Aspiration 1 and renamed it to Transformative Learning to better highlight the purpose we play in the lives of students. We also included notions of wellness and sustainability in aspirations 3 and 4.

You will find the proposed key aspirations, as well as some of the feedback we received from the community, below.

Key aspirations

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