Roger A. BLAIS


Roger A. BLAIS
DUniv. 2003

Honorary Doctorate Recipient


After Roger Blais earned a doctorate in economic geology at the University of Toronto in 1954, he went on to quickly achieve prominence in mining geology, developing a number of prospecting and exploration technologies. In the 1960s, he was a leader in the development of Earth sciences in Canada.

In 1970, he became a professor in economic geology and the first director of research at Montreal's École polytechnique, where he was a pioneer in establishing productive partnerships between universities and businesses in Canada. Among other initiatives, he developed training programs in innovation and entrepreneurship and in technology and international competition.

Blais also founded the Centre d'innovation industrielle de Montréal and the Centre de développement technologique. He has contributed to many scientific committees and international forums. Several federal and provincial ministers have sought his advice.

In 1997, he was awarded the prestigious Prix Armand-Frappier by the Quebec government. Blais is a fellow of the Royal Society and the Canadian Academy of Engineering as well as an officer of the Order of Canada and Officer of the Order of Quebec. He still helps young entrepreneurs to start their own business.

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