D. University 2003

CARDINAL, Douglas J.


As one of the world's foremost architects, Douglas Cardinal has worked tirelessly at setting the aspirations of human beings above the needs of an impersonal system. The result is immediately evident in the buildings he has designed for the world.

The son of a game warden, Cardinal grew up in Alberta with a unique Canadian perspective drawn from his parallel European and native roots.

For Cardinal, the creation of any building is an intense spiritual act that demands the best from everyone involved. His approach is reflected in the architectural style, which has become his trademark: curved forms that are both primitive and sensual and that seem to spring from the surrounding environment. The City of Ottawa is blessed to have one of his most outstanding accomplishments – the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Cardinal has also had an influence in other fields. He helped Alberta formulate a master plan in education and his work has placed him at the forefront of urban planning, public health and environmental issues.

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