DUniv. 2016

Honorary Doctorate Recipient

Jeffrey Kottler


Throughout his extensive career in counselling, psychology and education, Jeffrey Kottler has sought to enlighten and educate both therapists and the public in order to foster mental health, creativity and understanding. 

He studied at Oakland University, Harvard University, and the University of Stockholm, receiving his master’s degree in counseling at Wayne State University and his doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University of Virginia. Mr. Kottler has worked as a teacher, counselor, therapist, and consultant in a variety of settings, including a preschool, primary and secondary schools, university, mental health center, crisis center, and corporate settings.

This varied experience forms the basis for the theories and practical guidance that he has shared with a wide audience, both as a sought-after public speaker and in his highly accessible books, which address a broad range of contemporary issues related to helping and healing, truth and lies, creativity, transformative travel, and stress management.  Dr. Kottler is the author of over 80 non-fiction books which have been translated into over two dozen languages, and his textbooks have been adopted by universities worldwide.

Moreover, Jeffrey Kottler has put his positive ideas into practice on a global scale through his work as a Fulbright Scholar in Peru and Iceland, and as a visiting professor in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Nepal, and other countries. He has applied his knowledge to helping others by leading service projects in South America, Africa, and South Asia, and by co-founding the Empower Nepali Girls foundation, which provides educational scholarships for girls who are most at-risk for early marriage or sex slavery. He leads teams of volunteers who visit the children, conduct home visits and mentoring, and consult with local health and educational institutions to provide scholarships for at-risk children in Nepal.

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