Suzanne PINEL


Suzanne PINEL
DUniv. 2002

Honorary Doctorate Recipient


Through her songs and stories, Ottawa-born Suzanne Pinel has touched the hearts of thousands of children. After her studies in nursing at the University of Ottawa, Pinel decided early on in her career that her mission would be to help children's development by ensuring their well-being and happiness. From that moment on, she brought a bit of magic into the lives of children with her guitar. To further her work, she took courses in dramatic writing for children, puppetry, and vocal training.

Since she launched her first long-playing record in 1976, Ms. Pinel has been on every stage in the area and has entertained children through her character, Marie Soleil. As a teacher, lecturer and workshop leader, she has promoted music as an integral part of a child's development and a therapeutic tool.

Her educational experience also extends to the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Education and the nursing school of the former Ottawa General Hospital, where she has taught courses on pediatrics and child development. She is currently a Canadian citizenship judge.

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