D. University 2003

PRICHARD, J. Robert S.


As president and chief executive officer of Torstar Corporation, Robert Prichard is responsible for maintaining the success of Harlequin books, an undisputed international champion in the publishing world. He is also in charge of the well-being of a major newspaper chain, which includes Canada's largest daily, the Toronto Star. Prichard is also called upon to uphold the principles of a company that fosters a host of progressive social causes.

Prichard came to his current position two years ago after a decade as president of the University of Toronto, during which time he showed remarkable ability to deal with various pressures as he gathered the resources that researchers, students and administrators required to achieve their particular objectives. He cultivated productive relationships with the political and business sectors, promoting concrete, well-structured initiatives. By 2000, the University of Toronto's endowment fund had surpassed $1 billion as a result of his efforts.

After earning a master's of business administration from the University of Chicago, Prichard obtained his master's in law from Yale University, then joined the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law. He served as dean of the faculty for six years.

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