DUniv. 2002

Honorary Doctorate Recipient


Guy Saint-Pierre has had four careers.His first was in the military, where he spent 11 years in the armed forces. His first civilian position was as registrar of the Corporation des ingénieurs du Québec. In 1970, he took the plunge into politics by winning a seat in Quebec's National Assembly and being appointed minister of education. A few years later, he became minister of industry and commerce.

When he was defeated in 1976, Saint-Pierre launched his career in the business world, which led him to the position of president and general manager of Ogilvie Mills Ltd. In 1989, he became president and chief executive officer of the SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., a position he held until his appointment as chairman of the board in May 1996.

When Saint-Pierre was appointed chairman of the board of the Royal Bank of Canada on August 1, 2001, he was the first engineer and francophone Quebecer to hold that position.

Saint-Pierre is recognized for his exceptional business acumen and his forthrightness. He is most admired for being a man of his word and a man of action, which is reflected in his level of success.

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