DUniv. 2003

Honorary Doctorate Recipient


Denise Verreault is a well-known figure in Quebec, as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, but also as a model for young entrepreneurs. She was born in Les Méchins, a village on the Gaspé Peninsula where Groupe Maritime Verreault still has its head office. After completing a degree in education, Verreault was gearing up for a career in teaching, but her life took an unexpected turn towards a totally different path.

In 1989, when she was 24 years old, Verreault succeeded her father, then deceased, at the helm of a well-established but still modest family business. With little business experience, but relying on sound intuition and robust determination, she made astute choices that allowed the business to expand. Soon, Verreault made Groupe Maritime Verreault a flourishing business, with six subsidiaries specializing in dredging, marine shipping of bulk oil, and shipbuilding and repair. Today, it holds a prominent position in Canada's marine sector.

Verreault sits on the boards of several corporations and organizations. Her business accomplishments have earned a host of honors. In 2001, she was made a companion of the Order of Quebec.

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