Report on Francophonie

More than ever, the Francophonie is at the heart of our mandate and mission. The University of Ottawa relies on the Francophonie, not only to boost its rankings in Ontario, in Canada and around the world, but also to enrich the entire University community to a remarkable degree.

As part of her mandate to examine the condition of the Francophonie on campus, Linda Cardinal has submitted her report to the Administration Committee, the Senate and the Board of Governors

We invite you to read Professor Cardinal’s Action Plan for the Francophonie at the University of Ottawa. This report urges us to take action along three main axes:

  • Rethinking Francophonie governance on campus;
  • Strengthening the presence and outreach of the Francophonie at the University;
  • Publicly broadcasting our Francophone mission.


The President has appointed Professor Linda Cardinal to examine the state of French on campus in order to prepare an action plan that can be integrated into the University's next strategic plan. More specifically, the main elements of her mandate will involve:

  • Reviewing conclusions related to the use of French on campus reached by the various committees over the years and updating them as needed
  • Looking at the current governance model for francophone affairs and recommending ways to make it more effective
  • Recommending concrete short- and medium-term measures to strengthen the presence of French on campus and raise its profile
  • Suggesting measures the University can put in place to make its francophone mission better known to its various target audiences

To facilitate this work, Professor Cardinal will be invited to take part in meetings of various committees, including the Standing Commission on Francophone Affairs and Official Languages and the SEM Steering Committee. She will also consult with various key stakeholders, including associate vice-presidents, vice-deans and service directors.

As part of her mandate, Professor Cardinal will establish a working group comprising professors, administrative and support staff and students. She will receive administrative support from the senior language policy officer, a member of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs' administrative team.



Biography - Linda Cardinal


Linda Cardinal is a professor at the School of Political Studies and holds the Chair in Canadian Francophonie and Public Policies at the University of Ottawa. She is internationally recognized for her work on the comparative analysis of language regimes, constitutionalism, citizenship and minorities.  

She has written and edited numerous works on language policy and the public participation of linguistic minorities in Canada, Quebec and Europe in the fields of justice, mental health, education and municipal politics. Read Linda's full biography.

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