President's Priorities

Diversity and inclusion, internationalization and the francophonie are President Jacques Frémont’s top priorities.

In the course of his first term, the President and Vice-Chancellor has made diversity and inclusion, internationalization and the francophonie a priority.

Much consideration on has been given to questions of diversity and inclusion following the creation of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion in November 2016, and leading up to the appointment of Steffany Bennet as Special Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion.

Over the next two years, the newly appointed Special Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion will fulfil her mandate by providing strategic advice on the University's policies, guidelines and practices on diversity and inclusion, by collecting data and by providing leadership on matters of diversity and inclusion.

Within the context of knowledge dissemination and internationalization, the University of Ottawa is committed to increasing student and faculty mobility and to broadening the scope of its activities in the areas of teaching, research and service to communities.

A report was prepared by the Committee on International Policy which detailed a vision, strategic objectives and implementation principles to enable the University to reach world-class status. In order to address the Report's findings and recommendations, and to develop an internationalization strategy and action plan, Dr. Adel El Zaïm has been appointed Chief Internationalization Office for a three year term.  

Finally, Francophonie and Bilingualism constitute one of the fundamental pillars of our Strategic Plan. As a bilingual university, the University of Ottawa is proud to promote the francophonie in all its aspects, and to continue its efforts to fully carry out this mission. In order to do so, Professor Linda Cardinal has been mandated to develop an action plan to foster French presence on campus and to ensure its promotion.


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