Theft prevention

Do your part!

Theft is the most common crime committed on our campus. It is also the most preventable. Public spaces and locker areas are especially targeted by thieves on campus. You can play an active role to help decrease its occurrence on our grounds. The idea is simple: theft is a crime of opportunity. Thieves will use any chance that is given to them: valuable goods left without surveillance or poorly secured represent an interesting and profitable opportunity to make a quick buck on the black market!

Don’t offer an opportunity to thieves!

By doing your part, you can help us reduce theft occurrences on our campus. Theft has been decreasing in recent years and we are putting forward theft prevention strategies to keep it that way.

You can do your part with the following easy steps!

  • Always keep an eye on your belongings or have someone watch them if you must leave the area for a few moments – things can disappear quickly;
  • Secure your belongings with good quality locks. Combination locks of poor quality can be easily broken by thieves. Good quality locks are sold in businesses on campus: at the Pivik and the University Bookstore, both located in the Unicentre;
  • Always lock your residence door behind you even if you are out for a few seconds;
  • Never leave valuables in view in your car. Always secure them in the trunk;
  • Register your valuables with the STOP THEFT program!


Partnership with Sports Services

 The Bait Locker Program consists of equipping selected lockers in the male and female change rooms with compact, self-contained alarms. 

Stop theft
The STOP THEFT program helps protect students from theft

STOP THEFT is an anti-theft and recovery program designed mostly for lap tops. Special identification plates installed on your computer deter thieves and make it easier to recover the computer if it’s lost or stolen. Furthermore, if someone removes the plate, a chemically bonded tattoo stating “stolen property” is left on the computer, making it much more challenging to resell. STOP THEFT is used mostly for computers and laptops, but can also be installed on electronic devices such as iPods or digital cameras (smaller plates are available).

Protection Services enters the plate identification number in a database hosted on a secure Web site by STOP – Security Tracking of Office Property – the company that runs the STOP THEFT program.

Have peace of mind

An identification plate helps deter thieves and makes it easier to recover a lost or stolen device.

For only $20, you can register for the program and have the plate installed on your item. Protection Services gives you a copy of all the information you need on your registered item, and you simply keep the info in a secure location. We also enter the information in the STOP database for you. It’s trouble free!

Want to register?

Contact Protection Services by e-mail at or drop by the Community Protection Office in the University Centre, room 02A. 

Crime Stoppers
National Capital Region Crime Stoppers

What is Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers is a community based program that assists law enforcement agencies in the resolution of crime. By offering cash rewards for anonymous tips, Crime Stoppers encourages local citizens to provide this vital information. The Crime Stoppers program guarantees the anonymity of the tipster. Crime Stoppers programs have been highly successful in reducing the crime rate in many other cities in Canada and the United States.

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