Accessibility on social media

Accessibility on social media: Photos

  • Captions should act like alt texts
    Describe what is happening in the image

  • In cases where captions cannot be used as alt texts, include link that points to an image with an alt text or descriptive caption.
    Using an image on Twitter? Link to a site that contains the same image and an alt text


Accessibility on social media: Audio

  • Complete transcript must be attached to audio
    Can be done using YouTube closed caption function
  • Title of file must describe audio
    Example: uOttawa Orchestra playing Mozart’s  Symphony No. 6

Accessibility on social media: Video

  • YouTube is the best video-sharing network for accessibility
  • Complete script + complete described text = accessible video
    Must add script + described text as closed captions in order to automatically generate transcript
  • Avoid rapid scene changes
    Requires longer described text
  • Subtitles must sit ABOVE closed captions

Bilingual videos

  • Always create two versions of the same video

    –Single videos are harder to search for
    –Titles too short for two languages

  • Additional considerations required for bilingual videos–Complicates closed captioning

    [Speaker, in French]
    [Speaker, in English]

Bilingual videos

Accessibility on social media




Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn

Descriptive caption

Link to image with alt text

Link to complete script


Link to version of audio with complete script

Link to accessible YouTube version


(cannot add links anywhere in caption)

Create a descriptive caption, if possible

Accessibility not possible – no essential info

Accessibility not possible – no essential info



Complete script added as closed captions – automatically generates transcript

Complete script AND described text as closed captions

Writing a transcript : Example of transcription on YouTube

>> ALICE: Hi, I am Alice and here is John Brown.

>> JOHN:
We are the owners of Miller Bakery.

Today, we’ll learn how to prepare our famous chocolate chip cookies!

[introduction music]

We have assembled all the ingredients.

Learn more about transcription on YouTube

YouTube, closed captions and transcripts


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