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The University of Ottawa is committed to respecting the dignity and independence of all members of its support and teaching staff, its students and visitors to the campus.  We seek to ensure that persons with a disability truly enjoy free and unhindered access to University programs, services, facilities, housing and employment opportunities.

With this in mind, the Human Rights Office has created an advisory committee to assist it in monitoring matters affecting accessibility for members of the University community living with a disability.

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The mandate of the uOaccessible Advisory Committee is to improve knowledge and understanding of the situation and considerations of persons with a disability, to improve their access to University goods and services as well as opportunities.

Terms of reference
  • Provide advice and recommendations to authorities responsible for accessibility under Policy 119 — Accessibility and with regards to a multi-year accessibility plan
  • Assist in assessing the fulfilment of commitments made in the multi-year accessibility plan when drafting annual progress reports on the plan
  • Participate in consultation processes developed by bodies responsible for accessibility under Policy 119 — Accessibility
  • Advise the Human Rights Office on emerging issues related to accessibility, as required

  • The person responsible for accessibility matters at the Human Rights Office
  • Two representatives of staff (including professors) living with a disability
  • Two students living with a disability, including one undergraduate and one graduate
  • One representative of the Centre for Students with Disabilities (or an equivalent body)

Membership is for a two-year renewable term

Oversight and chair

The uOaccessible Advisory Committee reports to the Human Rights Office and is chaired by the office’s senior policy adviser, accessibility.


The advisory committee meets at least three times a year, as convened by the Human Rights Office. 


Each year, the committee chair must present a progress report on the multi-year accessibility plan, as provided for in Policy 119 — Accessibility. These reports will cover the current year’s activities and, if necessary, include recommendations to the AC on reviewing the plan. 


A majority of committee members constitutes quorum.


The person responsible for accessibility matters at the Human Rights Office serves as committee secretary.


Submit your application

Recruitment will start on February 16, 2020.

  1. Please send your resume and your cover letter at
  2. If we have an opening, a volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.
  3. After accepting a volunteer position, you will need to attend an orientation session and complete the core training.
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Resources about accessibility

The Accessibility Hub is a central online resource for accessibility at uOttawa. The Hub houses tools and Accessibility Resources to help students, educators and administrators identify and remove barriers to accessibility.

Find an expert

Marie-Claude Gagnon, Senior Officer on Accessibility Policy

613-562-5800 extension 7452

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