Event planning

Roles and responsibilities

Individuals responsible for planning events must consider the accessibility needs of persons from diverse backgrounds in keeping with the regulations of the Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act, 2005

Accessibility Budget

Accessibility considerations are a part of the event planning process just as budgets, scheduling and security requirements are. All events at the University of Ottawa events must be accessible to individuals with physical, sensory, cognitive or mental disabilities.

Know your participants, give them the information they need and make your event barrier-free

  • Identify any accessibility requirements of participants
  • Allocate a portion of the budget to accessibility to ensure all those who wish to participate can do so
  • Provide training to staff and volunteers on accessibility and adaptive measures so they can assist participants and provide information, as needed
Communication and Content

Consult our Accessibility Trainnings and become familiar with how the following:

Location and Site set-up
  • Consider how participants will get to the event and the various activities
  • Assess site accessibility, inside and out (getting to site, access to building and rooms, parking, sidewalks, hallways, elevators, meeting rooms, washrooms, eating areas and security measures)
  • Check whether hotels and routes to the site are accessible
  • Visit the site the day before the event to confirm whether any accessibility elements have changed
  • Ask participants to identify any accommodation needs they have
  • Take dietary needs into consideration (e.g., allergies, special diets, access to food)
  • Consider all potential accommodation needs and create a list of resources (e.g., attendant, wheelchair, interpreter, braille equipment)


  • Ensure staff, volunteers and speakers are aware of any adaptive measures and accommodations in place 

Customer satisfaction

Tools and resources

Hire an interpreter

The Centralized Sign Language Interpretation Service facilitates sign language interpretation in both American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes Québécoise (LSQ) for University of Ottawa’s Services and Faculties and Academic Units at cost.

Fill-in a Request for Centralized Sign Language Interpretation Service (CSLIS, SASS) (pdf, 224 KB).

Rent an accessibility ramp

Visit the website Chez Lili Party Rental

Human Rights Office
Sample Messages

First sample

French version:

  • Veuillez nous faire part de toute mesure d’adaptation dont vous auriez besoin pour participer à l’événement en communiquant avec Marie Curie à xxx@uOttawa.ca ou au 613-562-5800, poste 0000, avant le JOUR MOIS 2015.

English version:

  • If you have any accessibility needs related to this event, please contact XXXX XXXX at xxx@uOttawa.ca or 613-562-5800 (extension 0000) no later than MONTH DAY, 2015.

Second sample

French version:

  • Si vous avez besoin de mesures d’adaptation pour participer à cet événement, veuillez écrire à educom@uOttawa.ca (ou composer le xxx-xxx-xxxx) pour que nous prenions les dispositions nécessaires.

English version:

  • If you require any adaptive measures in order to attend this event, please send an email to xxx@uOttawa.ca so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
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