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Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities

The Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities - Transition to Post-Secondary Education, has been created by the Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC). This guide is a way for students with disabilities to arm themselves with knowledge they need to access resources at college and university and to make a successful transition from secondary to post-secondary school.

Transition Program for students with a disability

To better prepare for your university studies, take part in the Academic Accommodations’ Transition Program during the summer as well as the entire academic year. This program introduces you to the postsecondary learning environment, to smooth the academic transition from high school to university.

Learn more about the Academic Accommodations, including its services and registration process, and the documents you need to submit along with your request for academic accommodations.

Are you a med student?

Please visit the webpage Accommodation from the Faculty of Medicine's Student Affairs Office.

Are you a student at Saint-Paul University?

  • Syrinne Benmouffok, Registrar’s office, Academic Advisor for undergraduate students for academic accommodations
  • Francine Quesnel, Registrar’s Office, Academic Advisor for graduate students for academic accommodations.

Your role and responsibilities


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Student Academic Success Service (SASS)
Mental Health & Wellness
The Student Academic Success Service has a network of mental health specialists who work together to provide information and insight to the university community on mental health issues, break down prejudices and develop strategies to promote mental health. They also offer training and provide support to students experiencing mental health problems or who may be feeling distressed in order to help students overcome their difficulties and reach their full potential.
Other services
The Student Academic Success Service also offers services and programs designed to give you the tools and information you need to succeed during your academic career. The programs and services of SASS complement your classroom learning and support you in achieving your academic and professional goals.
Career Development Centre

Explore resources on Employment for Persons with a Disability and meet a Job Search Specialist for persons with a disability at Career Services.

Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD)

The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is an education and advocacy centre, as well as a drop-in space. CSD offers events, services and campaigns throughout the year focused on disability and accessibility. The space and services are open to people of all identities and abilities who wish to work together in challenging ableism on campus and in our community.

Human Rights Office (HRO)

The Human Rights Office provides leadership in the creation, implementation and evaluation of policies, procedures and practices on diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility and the prevention of harassment and discrimination.

Office of the Ombudsperson

The Office of the Ombudsperson helps all members of the University community resolve academic or administrative problems in a confidential, independent, and impartial manner.

Campus Life


Please specify the type of accomodation you require in your application for a student residence. The Housing Service has more information about student residences, off-campus housing and short stay reservations.

Convocation - Special assistance for students

The NAC is wheelchair accessible, including the stage. There will be someone backstage to assist students with special needs. You should make your request for special assistance or arrangements for the Convocation ceremony at least two weeks in advance. If you need a sign language interpreter, please notify us three weeks in advance.

Work-Study Program (WSP)
The Work-Study Program gives you a chance to work on campus part time during the academic year as well as full time during the summer months. See the Working section for more on your role and responsibilities and how to request an accommodation as a University employee.
Sport and fitness
What are my legal obligations?
Resources about accessibility

The Accessibility Hub is a central online resource for accessibility at uOttawa. The Hub houses tools and Accessibility Resources to help students, educators and administrators identify and remove barriers to accessibility.

Find an expert

Marie-Claude Gagnon, Senior Officer on Accessibility Policy

613-562-5800 extension 7452

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