Teaching and Training

Your responsibilities


Use Ventus for accommodation management

  • File an online Notice of Examination for each course and  section, indicating the dates of mid‐term exams, quizzes and other in‐class evaluations.
  • Provide the Access Service with exam copies: When a student with accommodation needs is registered in a course, you receive an automatic message indicating the deadline for providing the Access Service with copies of your exams and other tests or assignments.
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Ventus - student service management suite


Requesting an accommodation

If you need an accommodation
  • See the “Request an accommodation” section on the Working page.
If a student has a question about accessibility
  • Direct the student to the “Request an accommodation” section on the Studying page.

Inclusive teaching

Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)

The Teaching and Learning Support Service is a one-stop-shop for educational and techno-pedagogical services.

Student mental illness: Recognize, Respond and Refer

In the three step training Recognize, Respond and Refer you will learn about the following:

  • Recognizing indicators of mental illness
  • Responding in a way that is appropriate to the indicators and the relationship you have with the student
  • Referrals to the appropriate services for students
Helping Students in Distress

Dr. Mike Condra is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Queen’s University and the Director of the Department of Health, Counseling, and Disability Services. In this video, he describes some of the most common mental health problems at universities, the nature and impact of mental illness, best practices for identifying and responding to mental health challenges, and opportunities to reduce stigma.

Helping Students in Distress (external link)

Recruitment and supervision

Recruiting of employees

The recruitment process must comply with accessibility laws. Read the following sections in the Employment guidelines:

Supervising research/teaching assistants

Employers are required to meet the accommodation needs of employees with disabilities to the point of undue hardship. Read the following sections in the Employment guidelines:

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