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What is accessibility?

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Responsible Sector: Human Rights Office

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Responsible Sector: Human Rights Office

Understanding the accessibility law and the Duty to Accommodate

Accessible Writing


Learn how to create accessible documents using different software. Both in Mac and Windows:



STEP 1 : Integrate accessibility from the start

Accessibility Guidelines to facilitate the creation of an accessible document

·Take into account accessibility from the start and facilitate your work! The ten tips in the Guide Clear Print (PDF)  will help you convert your documents into accessible formats more easily and quickly.


STEP 2 : Create an accessible document with the MS Office Suite.

Create accessible Word documents (external video links)


Create accessible Excel workbooks (external video links)


Create accessible PowerPoint presentations (external video links)


Create accessible email messages in Outlook (external video links)


STEP 3 : Convert the document into a PDF format and do the final Accessibility touch-ups

Check the Acrobat section.


Web Content

Web and Mobile Accessibility

Understanding accessibility requirements for the web

Read accessibility requirements for websites and web content in the guidelines Understanding the law: Information and communications.

Web at uOttawa

Accessibility verification tools

Intranet and extranet websites

Accessibility verification tools

 Social Media Accessibility

  • In these video-tutorials, you will learn how to make your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts more accessible.

Accessibility Check Tools

Screen readers

Contrast analyser

Automatic validation software

Web page Accessibility Checker

Automatic voice to text converter

Here is a free downloadable tool that reads French voice on a video and convert it into text.



Understanding accessibility requirements for special events

Read the accessibility requirements found in the guidelines Understanding the law: Customer services.


Electronic messages


Virtual Community

Understanding accessibility requirements for social media

Improve accessibility of your information posted on social media


Understanding accessibility requirements for multimedia productions

The accessibility requirements for a multimedia productions depends on the format (audio-only, video-only or audio-video) and the medium (in class, on a giant screen, on YouTube or online for example).

The guidelines Understanding the law: Information and communications and Customer services will help you find the accessibility requirements specific to your project.

If you have any question, please contact Accessibility at


Service Excellence

Universal Symbols of Accessibility

  • List of common symbols often used to provide information about the accessibility features of places, programs and activities.

Accessible Event, meetings & Conference

Interacting with Persons with Disabilities

Tip sheets on interacting with persons with disabilities

Service Animal Guide

Service Animal Guide to provide helpful information on the law, who uses service animals, and what to expect when a service animal is on your campus.

Wheelchair rental

Care Médical Inc.

Wheelchair ramp rental



Educator’s Accessibility Toolkit

School accommodations for Saint Paul University students

  • Syrinne Benmouffok

Registrar’s office. Academic Advisor for undergraduate students for academic accommodations.

  • Francine Quesnel

Registrar’s Office. Academic Advisor for graduate students for academic

Faculty of Medicine, Undergraduate Medical Education

Accessibility training: Introduction
How to create an accessible campaign
How to interact with accessibility in mind
How to create accessible web content
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