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A. Creating accessible images or banners on Blackboard Learn
Formatting an image in BBL Section Area or In BBL Text Editor for Accessibility
Step 1:
  • On the upper right corner, make sure the Edit Mode is ON. Click on button OFF to turn it on (1).

Edit mode is off
Edit mode is on
Step 2:
  • Mouse over the desired  banner or image  in the section area (2).
  • Click on the down arrow icon in upper left corner (3) then, select edit in the pop up list window (4).

Section area

Down arrow in the upper left corner

Pop up list window
Step 3:
  • On the Edit item window, click on Insert/Edit Image icon in the tool editor (5).

Tool editor
  • In the pop-up window, Make sure that the Image Description and the Title  field area are entered with descriptive text according to the image (6).

Pop up window
  • Select the Advanced tab on the top (7).
  • Enter a descriptive text in the Long Description Link field (8).

Advanced tab
  • Finally, click on the insert button (9) then the submit button upper right (10).

Insert and submit buttons
Questions & Answers about “For Mouse Over” and “For Mouse Out”

Q: As I entered the link to the photo in the “General” section, why do I need to go again in my computer in the “advanced” section (in “For Mouse Over” or “For Mouse Out”) ?

A: “For Mouse Over”, You need to browse your computer to add a different picture only if you choose to display a different image when the user hovers over the image (for example in the case of a button, which lights up when the user passes the mouse over). You will notice that if you do not check marks alternative picture box, you do not need to upload a new image.

“For Mouse Out”, you have to put a new image if you want the picture to change after the user removes the cursor over the image. When this image is the same as the original, it gives the effect of a button that turns off (returns to the initial stage). If you leave this section blank, but you've added an image to the previous section, the image will remain "on" when the user removes the image slider.

Questions & Answers about “Language Code” and “Image Map”

Q: What should I enter as information in the other boxes capture below (Language Code, Image Map)?

A: “Language Code” gives you the option to tell the reader what language read descriptions of the image. We talk to a reader such as JAWS. If you leave this field empty, the page code is used. This attribute is rarely used since normally the images are ones played in the same language as the page. For example, the international ISO 639-1 language code  represent  the French language.

“Image Map” is a good option to use If your image contains clickable areas.

Questions & Answers about “Long Description Link”

Q: What is a "Long description link" (a URL, alternate text)?

A: It is just a descriptive text as a replacement of  a long link.

Questions & Answers about “Dimensions”, “Spaces”, “Class” and “Style”

In the “appearance”  tab:

Q: What is the difference between “Dimensions" and “Vertical and Horizontal spaces”?

A: Dimensions is the width and the height of the image ; Spaces  are  the distance from the left margin or greater

Q: In what cases is it important to identify the “Class”?

A: When you have defined classes in your document.

Q: And, what should I enter in the “style” field?

A: A style that you have set in your style sheet and you want to apply to the element.

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