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Creating accessible documents – Accessibility Toolkit (1st edition)

Interactive: Creating accessible documents

The Accessibility Toolkit is an online reference tool that provides current best practices in the area of creating and communicating information in accessible formats.

The Toolkit contains seven (7) independent modules on the following topics: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, Multimedia, WCAG and AODA. Each module includes one or more of the following tools:

  1. Instructional video tutorials
  2. Text tutorial
  3. Accessible templates
  4. Q & A
  5. Accessibility checklist
  6. Information links

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Accessible version: Transcripts of audio

If you have any comments or suggestions about the toolkit or on accessibility at University of Ottawa, please contact us by email.

Planning Accessible Events

Resources for Professors and Educators

As of January 2013, the Government of Ontario requires Universities and Colleges in the province to provide accessibility training to all educators. This is a great opportunity to discuss best practices in teaching and learning. This guide offers an overview of inclusive teaching practices. As such, the following documents introduce tools illustrating strategies from which to articulate and guide course design and delivery. They should positively influence the professor-student interaction, the syllabus, the teaching/learning dynamic and the evaluation process. Also, you have access to two videos with student testimonials, where they describe their challenges and needs, as well as share their experiences and tips. Enjoy the readings and the videos!

Tools for implementing accessible courses
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