Feedback, Comments and Suggestions

Share your input

This request for comments and suggestions applies to all services you receive at the University. Please feel free to tell us about your experience on campus and how we can ensure it continues to improve.

We invite you to send us comments or suggestions that will help us to keep on improving the level of accessibility campus-wide.   


Regular mail:

Senior Policy Officer, Accessibility and Diversity

Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost

550 Cumberland (217)

Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

Confidentiality and follow-up

We guarantee the confidentiality of all messages we receive. Please be sure to enter your full contact information so we can keep you abreast of how your comments and suggestions will be followed-up on; we cannot provide feedback for anonymous messages.              

Processing times

We send you an acknowledgement no more than five working days after receiving your input and, if need be, we follow up with you. If you submit a complaint, we inform you of the required processing time, which depends on the matter’s complexity.

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