Harassment and Discrimination

Our commitment

All members of the university community, including students, staff and faculty members, have a right to a learning and workplace environment that is respectful, safe, healthy and free from harassment and discrimination pursuant to the University of Ottawa Policy 67a – Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination. Concurrently, each member of the university community has a responsibility to maintain this environment and adhere to the university policy.

The Human Rights Office (HRO) is a neutral and impartial office responsible for receiving and responding to formal and informal complaints related to human rights-related discrimination and harassment, personal and workplace harassment, and sexual violence, from all members of the university community. The HRO also provides education and training on these matters as well as offers guidance and consultation to all members of the community on these issues.
If you or someone you know is dealing with discrimination, harassment or sexual violence, please feel free to email the Human Rights Office.



Do you need help now?


Protection Services: 613-562-5499

Protection Services (Emergency): 613-562-5411

Police: 911

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