Consent requires the voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity. An individual must actively and willingly give consent to sexual activity. Simply stated, sexual activity without consent is sexual assault. "No one consents to being sexually assaulted." Consent:

  • Is never assumed or implied;
  • Is not silence or the absence of "no";
  • Cannot be given if the person is impaired by alcohol or drugs, is unconscious or asleep;
  • Can never be obtained through threats or coercion;
  • Can be revoked at any time;
  • Cannot be obtained if the perpetrator abuses a position of trust, power or authority;
  • Might not be given properly if an individual has a condition that limits his or her verbal or physical means of interaction - in such instances, it is extremely important to determine how consent will be established.

Examples of what does NOT constitute consent

  • "You’re not my type."
  • "Not now."
  • "I don’t know if I’m ready."
  • "Please stop."
  • "I don’t really know if I want to."
  • Doing nothing
  • Silence
  • Getting into someone’s vehicle
  • Going inside someone’s residence

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To learn more about consent, please watch the video Consent: It's simple as tea on YouTube.




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Please note that the feminine is used throughout this website, but it does not exclude any person who has been a victim of sexual violence.

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