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Each individual has a role to play to end sexual violence. Whether it is obtaining willing and enthusiastic consent or having healthy relationships based on safety, honesty, acceptance, respect and pleasure, you can make a difference.

Join an association

Join an association

Join an association or a centre to receive its newsletter, be kept up-to-date with activities and events, vote on certain issues, etc.

Get training

Get training

Do you want to learn more about sexual violence? Register for a workshop, a talk or another activity.

Make a donation

Make a donation

There aren’t enough financial resources to meet all the community’s needs (prevention, awareness, support, etc.). Making a donation to an organization can make all the difference.

Job opportunity

job opportunity

Work-Study Program (WSP)

Assistant Officer, Sexual Violence Prevention


Position Purpose

The successful candidate will be part of the team leading the prevention of sexual violence at the University of Ottawa. The role will include assisting the Office with the development of tools and resources to support and educate members of the university community. The successful candidate can also assist with initiatives related to the broader mandate of the Human Rights office, such as discrimination and harassment.

Complete description here.



Take part in activities

Take part in activities

Numerous activities are organized by different organizations to raise awareness. Join them and support a campaign!



Do you want to be proactive when it comes to putting an end to sexual violence? Many volunteering opportunities are at your disposal!

Did you know?

Tools and resources

Please note that the feminine is used throughout this website, but it does not exclude any person who has been a victim of sexual violence.

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